Charge process curve of CC&CV chargers for Lithium battery charger

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      (Curve mark: blue-Voltage, white-Current, green-Temperature)

 When charging an empty lithium ion battery pack,the charger output a constant current (C.C.), the battery voltage will increase slowly, when this voltage reaches nx4.20V  or nx3.65V ("n" means the serial number of battery cell pack, 4.2 is for Lithium ion battery, 3.65 is for LiFePo4 battery type), it's also called float voltage or CV point, the charge will use constant voltage methord to charge the battery pack continously. At this stage, charge current will decrease slowly. When the charging current drop to 0.1CC level, the battery is full charged. One variation is to start a timer when entering the CV stage (float voltage charging), even charge current is >= 0.1CC but the timer is out, the charging process will be cut-off automatically.

Following curve is a real record data from P1004 battery charge, battery pack is 3600mA 3.7V Li-ion type
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